Aaaaahhh……… Home is where the heart is.

Jonathan and Stephanie invite you to come into their living room of ministry. Here we can chat with you, serve you, and minister to you.

We always want to know your needs and hear your heart. Sometimes the best ministry is just listening. We can all do that!

We welcome you to browse through all our special pages and get excited with us as we develop each page and new ones to come.

Feel free to share comments with us on our Contact page. We love hearing from you!

What can we do for you?

We are faithful to support you in prayer and encouragement in any way that we can. Whether you are a believer following Christ or just thinking about it, we love you and hope you want more of all things good in God, for which we would love to be a part.

We also hope God will increase the blazes of love in your heart toward the Lord and one another. God says we fulfill all the law doing just that.

As Christians being perfected daily, we must allow room for imperfection, while not applauding sin. We will be sharing about ‘man’s mercy’ versus ‘God’s mercy’ and all such juicy topics as those. Such juicy morsels will be in our new book to come out (during this century).

We’re glad you’re with us!

God Enrichen you Totally… Eternally…

With Him & In Him, from Glory to Glory,
Jonathan & Stephanie Krenning

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